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Becoming a member of Gamma Theta Xi Sorority is by invitation only. 


Academic Achievement

Prospective members must have a minimum GPA requirement of 2.5 to be considered for membership in Gamma Theta Xi Sorority, Incorporated. Must be currently enrolled or have completed their bachelors, masters or doctorate program. This demonstrates a commitment to excellence in academics and reflects the organization's values of scholarship. 


To sign up for intake, interested potential new members throughout the U.S. should complete this interest form. It is important to demonstrate a genuine interest in Gamma Theta Xi and a willingness to commit to the membership requirements outlined on our website. We do not accept dual membership if you are an active member of another Greek or non Greek organization. This is due to govern body status, commitments and possible conflicts with member obligations.


What you need to submit at least 24 hours prior to the interest interview.

Very Important!


  • Transcript: Please submit a copy of your official transcript or degree along with this application for verification. This is a standard procedure as part of our screening process. 


  • Video: Please provide a brief video on why you are interested in joining Gamma Theta Xi Sorority Incorporated and how you align with our core values of unity, service, and leadership?

*send required information to:

Leadership Experience

Candidates should have a track record of leadership experience within their community, school, or other organizations. This can include holding positions in student government, volunteering, or leading initiatives that benefit the community. 

Commitment to Sisterhood

Membership in Gamma Theta Xi Sorority is a lifelong commitment to sisterhood. Prospective members should demonstrate a willingness to support and uplift their fellow members, as well as contribute to the organization's mission and values. 

Community Involvement

Membership in Gamma Theta Xi Sorority is about more than just the individual; it's about serving the community and making a positive impact. Prospective members should demonstrate a commitment to community service and engagement. 

Personal Character

Candidates must exhibit strong personal character traits such as integrity, honesty, and respect for others. Gamma Theta Xi Sorority values individuals who embody these values and will uphold the organization's reputation.

Cultural Awareness

Black Greek organizations have a rich history and tradition that is deeply rooted in African American culture. Prospective members should show an understanding and appreciation of this cultural heritage. Gamma Theta Xi Sorority adheres to the history set before us and strives to continue the tradition.

Intake Process:

Admittance to the Gamma Theta Xi Sorority is strictly by invitation. We welcome potential new members (PNMs) from all across the United States. Interested individuals can submit an application for an interest interview, allowing for a one-on-one interaction to ask questions and for us to gain a better understanding of each PNM on a personal level, rather than in a group setting. This individualized approach aids us in the successful selection process. It is important to note that even with a recommendation or having a interest interview, all prospective members must undergo the initial approval process.


The intake process typically involves a series of evaluations to determine the candidate's fit with the organization's values and goals before sending a formal invitation to join our Spring or Fall Line. 

It is important to demonstrate a genuine interest in the organization and a willingness to commit to the membership requirements outlined above. Upon receiving an invitation to participate in the intake process, candidates will be guided through the steps necessary to become a member of the organization. Prospective members are encouraged to reach out to the organization directly for more information on how to apply by email or website.

$40 Application Submission


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